All the details that you need to know about Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has a host of applications developed by Microsoft. It includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Outlook.Only the first three were part of the original product launched on 1988 and the rest were added later. You can call it a bundle containing client and server software along with other services provided by Microsoft. Here is a brief idea about each of the application under the Office Setup.

MS Word:MS Word is the word processor in the MS Office Setup where you can compose documents. It comes with an in-built grammar and spelling correction feature. Word is your best bet when you want to type anything and add tables and images to it.

MS Excel: MS Excel is an application for creating a spreadsheet. It boasts data analysis and graphing tools. It does automatic calculations as well. Presently, it is the industry standard for creating spreadsheets. You can collaborate on excel just as you do on word.

MS Powerpoint: Powerpoint in the Microsoft Office Setup allows you to create your own presentation with as many types of text, video, image, and more effects that you want. Multiple individuals can work on one presentation at one point in time thanks to the collaboration features of MS Powerpoint.

MS OneNote: You get MS OneNote when you Install Office Setup and it is mainly the resident idea collector and organizer of Microsoft. It works similar to word and you can put in images, tables, texts, and so on in the page. The only difference is that you can put the stuff at any place on the page by simply clicking on the spot. There are also limitations on page size and structure in OneNote.

MS OneDrive: MS OneDrive is office specific and one of its main features is that it makes collaboration with colleagues, friends, and other team mates really easy. With this application, you can store files in the cloud and access them from any location that you want. The files can be shared either publicly or with specific people. Activate Office Setup to know about the features of this application.

MS Outlook: MS Outlook is the email and scheduling program of Microsoft. It offers anything and everything you hope to get from an email service. In fact, it offers you a more unified experience when including the other available applications. It is much more convenient than using a web client for your emails

There are several other applications that Microsoft office offers outside these six staples. The need of the additional applications depends on whether you are an individual or running a business. When you Download Office Setup, you also get publisher, Skype for business, Yammer, Bookings, Invoicing, Listings, MileIQ, Access, and so on.


Though Office is having multiple features however 3 features are user centric :

Standard Format online and offline
User friendly approach
Detailed Help documentation with in application

Downloading and installing MS office applications

If you take the Office 365 Business Premium or Premium Security plans, Office Setup Activation Keycan be installed on up to five computers per user. The process is actually pretty simple and you just need to follow the given steps.

  1. Log into the MS Office 365 portal.
  2. You will get the option ‘Install Office Apps’ in the top right corner.
  3. Select the version of the Office suite
  4. Allow the download of the Key to Activate Officewhen you are prompted and a Save File button appears.
  5. The installation file will be downloaded to your device. Open that file and follow the instructions step by step to install the Office Setup Key on the computer.
  6. Log in with Office 365 email ID and password when you launch new applications.

There is an important fact that you must know before you opt for Office Activation Key. The default download for the file is 32-bit and English. You will have to click on ‘Other install options,’ if you: a) want to download the version in a different language b) need the 64-bit version c) are looking to download other applications that do not come with the standard version of the office suite. You can log into office.com/setup to know more about the installation process in detail.

Devices useful for accessing MS Office

When you get the Office Setup Product Key, you can run office applications both from the desktops and also from the smartphones or tablet. There is a computer and mobile counterpart to every application in MS Office. If you are looking to download any office applications on your mobile device for free (with a couple of in-app purchases), you can check out the Microsoft developed apps in the Google Playstore.

  1. Got to www.office.com/setup
  2. Sigin to MS Office account
  3. Enter Product Key and click next
  4. Your key is verified
  5. You will be taken to myaccount page, click on install button to install ms office

The benefits of using MS office

MS Office is one of the leading platforms that bring productivity to both home and workplaces. Getting the Office Product Key has truly made things really easy for every user out there. The following are a few of the benefits you get from using MS Office.

The universality factor

After the recent developments, MS Office is compatible with mobiles as well. It is compatible with all the major operating systems which makes nothing short of a valuable resource to have in your device. Over twenty per cent of people all over the world use MS Office. Ever since MS Office has reinvented itself with major features, this number is slated to only increase in the coming years.

Access anywhere and anytime

Perhaps one of the biggest advantage with MS Office is that you can access it anywhere and at any time. It was made to embrace cloud technology while still providing the existing services. As long as you have MS Office 365 log in, you can access it at any time. You can subscribe to MS Office to get further benefits.

Efficient online support

The efficient online support comes free with the Office subscription. Any user stuck with the application or looking to make the most out of it can get the customer support from Microsoft easily. The applications are also highly user-friendly.

What is Microsoft Office Setup?

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Access