Office 2013: How to Activate Office 2013?

Microsoft office is one of the most popular applications used these days. It is a suite which has many different programs to suit different needs. You will find everything which you need for your daily tasks in the application. The office has been used since decades. After that with changing time, it has been modified every single time to add new and attractive features. Office 2013 is also filled with many such new features. To activate office 2013, you just need to follow few simple steps.

To activate your Microsoft Office product, you need to purchase it from The Office Setup Key is provided which will help you activate Microsoft office 2013. There are only a few easy steps which will let you activate your program.

  •    You need to open the program
  •    In the program, click on the file tab
  •    Under the file tab, you need to click on the account option.
  •    The activate product option would be within the account option
  •    There will be a Microsoft office activation wizard. You will be given a choice to select the activation via telephone and click on it.
  •    A drop-down menu will appear. After clicking on it, you must choose your country.
  •    The phone number of the product activation centre will appear. You can use it to continue with the further process.

Know the Different Ways to Activate Your Office 2013

There could be many reasons and ways one would want to activate the office 2013 program. There is an activation wizard which you might want to use for activation. Over there, you can choose what you want to activate the product over the internet and click ok after selecting it.

Another method is telephone activation but it is not supported in many applications. You can again find the option for activation via telephone under the activation wizard option. After that, you need to provide your country and prompt the product activation centre. The centre will contact you and you need to provide them with the installation id. You will be sent a confirmation id which will complete the process of office 20133 activation.

How to Activate Office 2013 if you Have Moved Your Office

If you want to install office professional, office home and student and office home and business, you can easily do so on a single computer. If you have changed hardware on the same computer then you might see an error message. The same thing happens when you try to install the versions in different computers.

To overcome the situation, you must go through the transfer terms stated in the software license terms. It can help you to move the office to a different computer. The only problem is that you need to do the activation via phone and after that, the uninstallation must be done from the original computer. If you have an account with Office My Account, then the process becomes a lot easier for you. in any case of failure to activate, you must try the troubleshooting options.

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