What is Microsoft Office Password Protection?

Microsoft office is one of the most used applications for everyone. It contains a variety of programs to suit your every need. Whether it is for a busy project in office or homework for kids, Microsoft office comes in handy for every use. With so much of information to store and process, it is natural to ensure all that data is protected properly. Here comes the idea of data protection in Microsoft office. Password protection is very common in applications like Microsoft office but one should know how and when to utilise it.

You can definitely use all the features with the new version. To download, you must visit office.com/setup link and finish setting up the application. the office 2007 and the newer versions afterwards use secure password protection. On the other hand, the older versions were not so secure. The encryption is quite difficult to break in office 2007 and the versions afterwards making it quite secure to use.

Know About the Types of Microsoft Office Password Protection

The Microsoft office applications offer protection for two kinds of documents- ones which are password protected and ones which are not. The security levels for each type are quite different and also for separate applications.

  •    You cannot modify the entire document while password protecting a word document.
  •    While protecting a powerpoint presentation with a password, you cannot modify the entire presentation.
  •    If you are password protecting in Microsoft Excel, you cannot modify the workbook, any worksheet within that workbook or any elements within it.

These are the few things you must know before you password protect any document in the Microsoft office.

How to Add or Remove Password from Your Word, Powerpoint or Excel Files?

By following a few simple steps you can add a password to your application files:

  •    Open the file which you want to protect.
  •    Click on the file option
  •    Click on the info option
  •    Select the protect document option
  •    Click on the encrypt with password option
  •    Enter your password and click ok when finished
  •    Confirm your password once you have finished

These are very simple steps it ensures that no one opens your file and important information unless they have access to your password. You can easily use the password protection option if you have an account in Microsoft. By opening Office.com/myaccount page, you can enter your password in word, excel or powerpoint and get going.

To remove a password which you had assigned earlier is even easier. You can do so by opening the file in the same process you used while assigning the password.

  •    Click on the file option
  •    Click on the info option
  •    Click on the protect document option
  •    Click on the encrypt with password option
  •    Once you can see your password, you can delete it and confirm password deletion

Once you delete your password, you are making your files easily accessible to anyone. However, you must remember to note down the password in a safe place while assigning it.

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