Privacy Policy

We have a privacy policy laid down by the company and customers are requested to go through it before they decide to proceed with our services. The privacy policy is made only according to the laws and for the benefit of customers and us. As long as you decide to avail our services, you have to maintain the privacy policy.

We present the privacy policy equally for all of our customers. The main aim is to discourage and prevent data leak in any form. We want to ensure that the data and information regarding our customers remain safe and does not get misused. If anyone has any disagreement regarding the privacy policy and rules, they may approach the court of law to settle the matter.

  • We collect information from our customers only for technical purposes. We ensure that only that data is collected which is required
  • We do not collect any information from our customer against their consent. Whatever they wish to provide is what we collect.
  • We do not sell or distribute any of the data to a third party. Even if we have to for any technical purposes, we make sure they have the latest technology available for preventing the data breach.
  • We use only the latest and advanced technology for handling our customer data. We take maximum measures to ensure that none of the information is compromised.
  • We do not encourage any kind of behaviour which leads to misinformation or misguiding among the customers.

Our company content, the logo is not to be reproduced or copied by any means. If any such thing is done, it would be considered a violation against the law and appropriate actions may be taken. Also, creating a bad name or false allegations against the company is not accepted. Any customer who wants to continue with our services will have to comply with our privacy policy. Customers who are availing ur services would have to follow the privacy policy for as long as they wish to continue our services. The privacy policy is meant for both the benefit of the customers and service provider.